VW is serious: electric bully is imminent

The continuous expansion of its portfolio clearly shows that VW is serious about its electric cars. In a few weeks, after a seemingly never-ending wait, the electrified version of a classic will finally celebrate its premiere: the E-Bully is coming.

VW wants to introduce Elektro-Bully: Diess announces March 9th

It felt like the electric Bully was the first thing you ever heard from the VW Group on the subject of e-cars. In the meantime, three independent electric models from the ID series have already appeared and have given Volkswagen a good start in e-mobility. Years later, it should be ready soon: VW wants its so far in March present electric Bully known under the title ID.Buzz.

At least that comes from a post from CEO Diess, albeit not entirely clear, yet practically unmistakable:

The legend returns on March 9, 2022“, The VW boss tweeted recently, followed by a sketch of the ID-Buzz. The American date format is confusing from a German point of view, but earlier reports already announced the start for spring 2022.

Concepts and render photos of the ID-Buzz have been around for some time, and every now and then there are small news. It can be considered certain that the E-Bully equipped with a powerful battery will. Size, weight and the typical but not exactly streamlined body make a powerful battery a must. Otherwise you would probably not be able to call up a noteworthy range.

Will the VW classic become the most powerful electric car?

The ID-Buzz could be VW’s most powerful electric model to date: So far there has been talk of a 111 kWh battery, the one Range up to 600 km ideally should enable (source: Insideevs). The E-Bully is also based on the customizable MEB platform, just like the previous e-cars from the VW Group.

VW already showed the electric bully in 2017:

We can therefore assume that there are powerful electric motors and a large battery, but there is still a total lack of clarity in other respects: The name ID-Buzz is considered unlikely. How VW will call its electric bully remains unclear. The same applies to the price. We will certainly know more after the performance on March 9th. VW is also already working on an autonomous variant of the electric bus.