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– Sending electronic documents by text message (MMS, RCS)… Guaranteed legal effect such as offline registration

– Electronic documents can be checked without installing a separate app… Boasts the highest coverage and reach in Korea

– “Expected to increase ESG value by reducing paper mail volume and reducing social costs”

SK Telecom (CEO and President Youngsang Yoo, www.sktelecom.com) announced on the 11th that it would jointly launch the ‘authorized notification text message’ service with KT and LG U+.

The certified notification text service is a mobile electronic notification service that electronically documents paper mail bills and notices sent from public and private organizations, etc. and sends them as text messages (MMS, RCS).

Electronic documents sent through official notification messages are guaranteed to have legal effect on the ‘distribution fact’ that notices such as offline registration are made in accordance with the ‘Basic Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Transactions’.

The sending agency can send to customers who do not know the phone number, and the recipient does not need to install a separate app on their smartphone unlike other certified electronic document relay services, so it boasts the best coverage and reach in Korea.

Customers can conveniently and quickly check the electronic notice through the text message app, and they can only check the contents of the document through identity authentication, so it is safe from leakage of personal information such as lost or damaged mail.

Every time a fine dust warning occurs in winter, the Korea Environment Corporation sends a notification to refrain from operating old diesel vehicles, and each local government under the city of Seoul sends a notification of civil defense training as a certified text message, increasing work efficiency through immediate processing compared to the existing mail.

Authorized notification text message service flow chart

This certified text message service was prepared based on the certified electronic document relay system obtained by the three mobile communication companies.

The three telecommunication companies jointly operate a call distribution system to provide certified electronic documents to customers safely and quickly.

In the future, the three telecommunication companies are planning to introduce a ‘authorized notification text electronic box’ in the basic text box so that customers can easily check and read certified electronic documents, and each company will operate a certified notification text website.

The three telecommunication companies are expected to contribute to environmental protection by reducing the amount of paper mail through the certified text message service, and to increase the ESG value by reducing social costs.

Meanwhile, the agency in charge of certified electronic document relays conducts annual system security and personal information protection inspections for each relay operator to protect users. We plan to take the lead in creating an ecosystem.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]