Akasor Games, new mobile SLG ‘Erase the Three Kingdoms’ TV CF released… January 20 official service | Ruri Web

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– Two types of advertisement videos on the theme of ‘Park Mangpa’ and ‘Battle of Red Cliffs’ have been released, and immersion in comic lines has been improved.

– Unique charms such as Oh Jeong-se dressed as Zhuge Liang and Lee Moon-sik transformed into Yu-bi

– Scheduled to be officially serviced through Google Play and Apple App Store on January 20th

Akasor Games (ACS GAMES CO., LTD, CEO Lee Cheong) will unveil two TV CFs of the new mobile strategy game ‘Three Kingdoms War’, which it has developed and plan to service, and will officially release it on the 20th. said.

In these two advertisement videos, Oh Jeong-se, who dressed as Zhuge Liang, and Lee Moon-sik, who transformed into Liu Bi under the themes of ‘Park Mangpa’ and ‘The Battle of Red Cliff’, appeared, attracting attention.

First, in the video of ‘Park Mangpa’, Zhuge Liang appears in front of Liu Bei, who is worried about the lack of soldiers in a difficult situation, and sets up a plan to attack using the weather and terrain. However, the story after the battle was not revealed, raising curiosity about the follow-up video.

Also, in the video of ‘Battle of Red Cliffs’, which was about alliances, Son Kwon gave Zhuge Liang a sense of humor by throwing comical and clever lines such as ‘A shabby man in this precious place’.

‘War of the Three Kingdoms (War of the Three Kingdoms)’ adds to the charm of a strategy game by richly composing elements that determine victory or defeat, such as weather, camp, and military class, as well as armed combinations. to provide.

The game is currently being pre-ordered, and it will be officially launched on the 20th through the domestic Google Play and Apple App Store.

More details about the game can be found through the official cafe.

‘War of the Three Kingdoms (War of the Three Kingdoms)’ official website: https://samgukjiwar.archosaur-game.com/

‘War of the Three Kingdoms (War of the Three Kingdoms)’ official cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/3dsamgukji

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]