Battlefront 2 is plagued by a fatal problem after 5 years

The fact that a Jedi becomes one with power and thus becomes an immortal power spirit is nothing new for Star Wars fans. But if nobody can die in the Star Wars shooter Battlefront 2, it gets really annoying for the players.

Exactly this problem has plagued the shooter in the Star Wars universe for months. Apparently, in a majority of the lobbies, all players on both teams are permanently immortal. A large number of Videos the problem: Players lose health points as intended by hits, but as soon as these drop to 1, they cannot be further injured and thus cannot be killed.

For a multiplayer shooter in which eliminating the opponent is a core element of the game, this is of course a huge problem that makes the affected games virtually unplayable and robs them of any fun.

Publisher EA and developer DICE have to take a lot of legitimate criticism for this and for the condition of their latest game, Battlefield 2042. However, our community manager Marylin Marx emphasizes that, despite all the excitement, hatred and malice will not get the players any further:

BF 2042 is a prime example of what is going wrong on the internet right now


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BF 2042 is a prime example of what is going wrong on the internet right now

Bug oder Cheat?

It remains unclear whether the immortal players in Battlefront 2 are a bug, or whether individual players are deliberately causing the problem. Obviously, the problem arises not only in PvP matches from Battlefront 2, but also in co-op games. In the official EA forum reports about one playerthat he regularly runs into the problem in co-op with a friend and two random players. He thinks it’s unlikely to run into cheaters that often and therefore suspects a bug.

Other commentators assume that the cause of the immortality problem is a hack or cheat.

The thread to the problem, from which this article is also taken, shows how extensive the problem with immortal players is: it now comprises more than 130 pages of comments on the problem. Recently, players have been reporting daily that they have regularly played in immortal lobbies.

Understandably, the players concerned are quite frustrated. In addition to incomprehension and hopelessness, the comments are dominated by anger towards developers and publishers. The community feels left alone, many believe that EA has given up the game completely.

Incidentally, Maurice Weber is certain that an irreversible development has been taking place for several years. The needs of their fans are becoming less and less important to developers:

You don't care about your favorite developers - get used to it!


You don’t care about your favorite developers – get used to it!

What are the developers doing?

A patch that could fix the problem is still pending. Individual developers have already stated that the immortal lobbies are known. Several weeks ago, for example, a community manager made a statement Reddit to the problems in Battlefront 2:

I would like to make it known that we are aware of the problems in and around the game. At this moment I don’t have any further updates, but I can assure you that we have it on our radar.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

TOTALfps, EA Community Specialist

A solution has not yet been promised by the official side. We therefore asked EA whether and when a patch for Battlefront 2 could be expected that repairs the immortal lobbies. As soon as we have received an answer, we will publish it here.

It is to be hoped that Battlefront 2 will finally get a patch after all and that the shooter will not face the same fate as it does in the end Titanfall:

Off for Titanfall


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Off for Titanfall

Cheaters paralyzed the servers on a large scale, so that Respawn finally saw the only option to take the game out of sale. However, compared to Titanfall, Battlefront 2 is the newest installment in the series. In addition, the Star Wars shooter will likely not get a successor from publisher EA for the foreseeable future.

One hope for Battlefront 2 players could be private servers. on Reddit the user mezdiguida points out that the community own server for the shooter. If there is still no patch, players could at least retreat to these community servers, even if they are only filled at peak times so far.