Bit Corporation Robot Cafe Bit, in collaboration with SMG Holdings Co., Ltd., is presenting advance tickets for ‘The Movie Tokyo Revengers’ from the 10th (Mon) | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Present movie advance tickets through a photo event to visit directly managed stores

– The first case of cultural content-related marketing, plans to provide various experiences through various attempts in the future

SMG, a global contents specialist, is carrying out domestic import/distribution business of leading overseas contents such as ‘Theater version of Blade of Destruction: Infinite Train’ by ‘b;eat’, an unmanned robot cafe of Bit Corporation, a food tech company specializing in Danal. It was announced on the 11th that it had taken the first step in collaborating with cultural contents by holding a movie ticket event for ‘The Movie Tokyo Revengers (Korean release: January 19, 2022)’ in partnership with Holdings Co., Ltd.

Robot Cafe Bit will provide advance tickets for the ‘Movie Tokyo Revengers’ CGV through lottery through a visit verification shot SNS event for customers who visit the event target stores among directly managed stores until the 23rd. The movie Tokyo Revengers, scheduled to be released in Korea on the 19th of this month, is a movie based on a popular manga serialized in Kodansha’s ‘Weekly Shonen Magazine’.

You can participate in the event by taking a photo of the promotional material for the ‘Movie Tokyo Revengers’ exposed on the signage in the Robot Cafe Beat store and uploading it to your personal Instagram along with the essential hashtags. For more detailed event details, please refer to the official Instagram account (b;eat) or through the official mobile application.

There are a total of 8 robot cafe beat stores, including ▲Pangyo Techno Store, Daejeon Dunsan Store, Sejong Saerom Store, Gangil-dong Store, Anyang Ilbeon Street Store, Chungmuro ​​Station Store, Daejeon Complex Terminal Store, and Guro Daeryung 7th Store.

Previously, Robot Cafe Beat collaborated with premium tea brand Tabaron to sell Christmas cakes through some directly managed stores and online stores. As such, it plans to provide users with a variety of experiences in connection with food items such as desserts, as well as cultural contents.

The company explains that the ‘Movie Tokyo Revengers’ event is meaningful in that the robot cafe beat created the first case of cultural content marketing. Starting with the collaboration with ‘The Movie Tokyo Revengers’, we plan to try various collaborations in the future.

Lee Joon-min, general manager of Bit Corporation’s business division, said, “Robot Cafe Bit aims to enhance its differentiation compared to other unmanned cafes by providing ‘experience’ as well as excellent coffee taste. We announce the start of the movie through the ‘Tokyo Revengers’ event.”

On the other hand, Robot Cafe Beat is a futuristic cafe where the entire process from ordering, payment, manufacturing, and pick-up is done unattended without resident staff as robot baristas work 24 hours a day. It has been rapidly entering and expanding the B2C area.

Robot Cafe Beat is collaborating with ‘The Movie Tokyo Revengers’ to hold an event. /provided=bit corporation

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]