Buy Xbox Series X: NextGen console outperforms its predecessors

Even in 2022, it’s not exactly easy to buy a copy of the Xbox Series X / S. These are the effects of the global chip shortage and the associated problems in the supply and production chain. Despite these adverse circumstances it seems to be doing pretty well for Microsoft’s next-gen console. This is what Phil Spencer’s latest statements suggest.

What does Phil Spencer think about the success of the Xbox Series X / S?

During an interview with the New York Times, the Xbox boss mentioned the ongoing problems with replenishment deliveries, among other things, and revealed that the Xbox Series X / S is the fastest-selling Xbox console of all time. Thus, despite the current circumstances, it was able to outperform both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

“At this point, we have more of this generation Xbox – the Xbox Series X (buy now € 539.00) and S – sold as by all other versions of the Xbox. It is therefore our job to ensure sufficient supplies to meet the demand. “

Specific information on the sales figures Incidentally, Phil Spencer didn’t do it. The statement of the Xbox boss is not surprising, however, because Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had already made a similar statement about the success of the Xbox Series X / S in the summer of last year. Until September of last year the Xbox Series X / S sold around 6.7 million copies worldwidewhich is a respectable result given the current difficult market situation.

Where can you buy an Xbox Series X?

The supply situation for the Xbox consoles is currently similar to the PS5, as the demand is still significantly greater than the available copies. This mainly applies to the Xbox Series X, while you have the Xbox Series S, for example at Amazon Germany, Media Markt and Saturn can currently easily buy.

Buy Xbox Series X and Buy Xbox Series S: Keep an eye on these stores

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