Call of Duty Warzone: Again! Update brings back Pay-2-Win skins

The Warzone update released on January 5th is not free of errors: players have been reporting since Patch release more and more problems. On Reddit, for example, users report that with the update, the invisibility bug has returned for individual operator skins in the battle royale shooter. Players have found that Wraiths and Weavers Dark Aether skin are displayed incorrectly. Means: Users who put one of these skins on their operator appear partly invisible on the map – to the detriment of the opponents.

Another invisibility bug after the update

the Charlie Intel website reports that during the matches only the head, neck and the equipped weapons are shown, “which of course makes it more difficult to lay the players down”. It is possible to shoot at the invisible parts and deal damage. Of course, this poses a certain challenge if the graphics are incorrectly loaded or sometimes not loaded at all. With the current update, Raven Software had already fixed a bug in the Awoken skin for Francis, which led to similar glitches.

That’s what the developers say

In a current one Twitter post the developers take a position: “We are aware of the reports that individual skins are invisible in Warzone. We are investigating the problem,” writes Raven Software about the outfit, jokingly referred to by the community as “Pay-2-Win-Skins”. Mistakes. It is likely that there will be another update. An appointment has not yet been made.

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