Can’t buy a PS5? Build them out of Lego!

It’s almost terrifying to think that the Playstation 5 Has been on the market for over a year now and buying a PS5 is still a real challenge.

Furthermore, there are endless headlines about Chipmangel, rarely appearing Playstation 5 at Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn or idealo, as well as a frustrated potential buyer who is desperately trying to finally enjoy the next generation of hardware.

Do-it-yourself PS5

In this madness came the YouTuber “BrickinNick“on a brilliant idea: why not just turn off a Playstation 5 and controller Lego to build?

So the hobby Lego model maker from Canada got over 110 hours to work to create a detailed component variant of the current Sony console. the Lego-PS5 even has a door mechanism to reveal the inside of the building block console.

A potentially perfect place to store all odds and ends more or less effectively. Nick also built a glowing controller on this occasion, based on the motto “if you do, because you do it”.

How did this idea come about?

The concept of the 1zu1 Lego Playstation is part of the so-called Lego Ideas program. This program calls on hobby Lego modelers to design their own sets, for which fans can then vote online. So there is now the possibility for you, too, to bring Nick in his plan to bring a Lego Playstation to the market, to support.

You can find a Lego Playstation 2 on the site as well as an Xbox Series X from “BrickinNick “, also made of Lego bricks, of course.

Can I buy the LEGO PS5?

As soon as a model has received enough votes, it is personally approved and reviewed by LEGO. Publication in the market is by no means guaranteed, after all, such a product has to be clarified with Sony under license law. It is therefore questionable whether this idea will become more than just an interesting YouTube video.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time that a video game-related LEGO Ideas project has found its way onto the market. For example, it is precisely this program that we owe the new Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set, which was published at the beginning of the year as part of the Lego Ideas series.

So maybe there is a small chance of a Playstation 5 in the near future (buy now € 885.00) to buy, even if only from Lego bricks.

Those: Youtube(BrickinNick)

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