CoD Warzone: Developers are planning a controversial gameplay change

Call of Duty: Warzone A huge change is imminent: Developer Raven Software wants to slow down the target speed of all weapons in order to increase the often criticized time to kill. In plain language: you need longer to aim your weapons, which means that you can no longer shoot others as quickly. At least that’s the theory.

But many players consider this to be a serious mistake. Numerous CoD experts also get involved in the current discussion and ask the developers to reconsider the change. What exactly is going on in the tropical caldera paradise?

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Why many criticize the plans

What exactly does Raven Software want to achieve? For a long time, many players have had the feeling that they are dying too quickly in Warzone, i.e. that the Time to Kill (TTK) is too low. On the other hand, the developers have several possible measures at hand, such as an increase in life points as in the Iron Trials mode. Instead, Raven decided to slow down the target for all weapons (by the way, also in CoD Vanguard and the other main games).

What do the critics say? In the comments below the tweet and on Reddit forums, it quickly becomes clear that many Warzone players are opposed to the changes. They fear that this will increase the skill difference between good and bad players. In addition, many do not believe that the TTK will decrease noticeably. The well-known information portal ModernWarzone writes for example:

I am sure you thought this through well. Even so, I think the problem people have with Warzone is they are dying faster than they can react. This change doesn’t improve anything if a player shows up who is already aiming at you?

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Streamer FaZe Kalei is also not convinced and writes:

(…) Warzone has the highest TTK among battle royales. Just bring the Iron Trials life bars and you’re done. What was the point of letting us test this mode if you don’t do anything with it?


In the eyes of many players, a general slowdown in aiming speed could mean that experienced players in particular have a disadvantage. For example, you could then no longer use your superior movement to take on several opponents at the same time.

So far, Raven has not commented on the matter. In the past, however, the developer has often responded to critical player feedback, for example with the controversial bloom feature.