Corona recovered: If you don’t have a cell phone, look inside the tube

The recovery status will soon only be accepted via a QR code. (Image source: Bihlmayer Photography / iStock)

Proof of a survived corona infection must in future be digitally readable as a QR code. Similar alternatives should no longer be accepted, as the health ministers of the federal states have decided. It gets a little more complicated for people without a cell phone, but there is a solution.

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Corona: Recovered status only as a QR code

At the conference of the health ministers of the federal states, it was decided that citizens who have recovered from the coronavirus will in future have their Status only digital as a QR code should prove. The required QR code can be displayed via the Corona warning app or the CovPass app.

Now a legal basis is to be created in the near future, with the “obligation to exclusively submit a digitally readable health record”, for example when visiting restaurants or events is made possible (source: daily News). In order to get any evidence of recovery at all, a corresponding PCR test result must be available that confirms an infection at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago.

for People without a smartphoneIf you cannot digitally prove your status yourself, things get more complicated. Evidence of recovery can also be stored on the smartphones of family members, but it still restricts one’s freedom of action. What is also certain is that a printed QR code is just as “digitally readable” as one presented on a mobile phone. We recommend an immune card that can be ordered online.

In the video: This is how the digital vaccination certificate works on the mobile phone:

Corona: Vaccination centers remained open

One of the other resolutions of the Conference of Health Ministers is that vaccination centers in Germany stay open at least until the end of the year should. Financing is secured. In 2021, closed vaccination centers caused some criticism. We don’t want to repeat this mistake in 2022.

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