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– Equipped with dual NVMe M.2 for fast speed and storage expandability

– Multitasking ASRock B660 motherboard supporting DDR4 5066Mhz OC memory

– 6 innovative customer service benefits with D&D “Dynamic Care” service

D&Dcom (CEO: Yeo-Woo Yeo, hereafter D&D), a leading global PC DIY market with innovative technology, is leading the global PC DIY market with its dual NVMe M. Intel launches the 12-year-old cost-effective multitasking motherboard, ASRock B660M-HDV.

ASRock B660M-HDV is equipped with Gen4 NVMe Hyper M.2 (64Gbps) and Gen3 NVMe Ultra M.2 (32Gbps) with dual NVMe M.2 slots. Therefore, it can run the operating system at a speed of up to 64 Gbps and has expandability that can add large-capacity storage. In addition, it supports a total of three displays including the latest HDMI 2.1 standard as well as Display Port (DP 1.4) and VGA, and it is a motherboard suitable for multitasking work as it can work on three screens at the same time.

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ASRock B660M-HDV is a motherboard that fully supports Intel’s 12th generation Elder Lake CPU, Intel’s new hybrid architecture that combines high-performance ‘Performance-core’ and high-efficiency ‘Efficient-core’. By supporting close DDR4 5066Mhz OC memory, computing power including gaming can be utilized with high performance.

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Reporter Lee Dong-shik [email protected]