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DNSIT Co., Ltd. (CEO: Dahye Kim), an official HP distributor, announced that it would participate in eBay Korea’s ‘New Year’s Big Sale’ from January 12 to 25 to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022 holiday.

DNSIT selected the ‘HP 250 G8’, ‘HP 255 G8’, and ‘HP Reverb VR G2’, which have been consistently loved since launch, as the target models for this event to meet various customer needs. This ‘Seol Big Sale’ event can be purchased at a cheaper price by applying a 15% optional coupon (up to 100,000) and a 10% card discount (up to 50,000).

When purchasing a product, ‘cost performance’ is an important purchase factor, and there are quite a few people mistaken for a product with good cost performance as just a product with a low price. ‘Value for money’ does not simply mean price, but also implies that even at the same price, it is necessary to weigh how good performance and design it has and how much utility it gives to buyers. The so-called ‘beneficial’ notebooks, HP 250 G8 and HP 255 G8, which participate in the Lunar New Year’s big sale discount event, are products that satisfy both cost-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness by combining performance at an affordable price. A consumption pattern that seeks psychological satisfaction)

‘HP 250 G8’ is equipped with 11th generation Intel, and ‘HP 255 G8 series’ is equipped with AMD mobile processor. The CPU of this product boasts high performance. The performance of the built-in graphics has also been dramatically improved, giving a lot of satisfaction to many buyers.

The HP 255 G8-46U33PC is a laptop with an 11% thinner bezel, a 5% smaller form factor, and a 11.5% thinner screen compared to its predecessor, showing a deeper concentration and immersive screen composition, and portability. The slim bezel with the display bumper not only protects the panel from impacts, but also realizes a clear screen from various angles with the FHD IPS wide viewing angle display on the 15.6-inch large screen. The design of the device is simple, and the feature is that it is not easily stained by fingerprints or dust. In today’s non-face-to-face era, a webcam and a noise-cancelling microphone are installed as standard, so it can be used for video conferencing and other purposes.

The HP 255 G8-4T9N1PC and HP 255 G8-4T9N0PC products, which come with genuine Windows, can be used immediately after purchase without additional installation, so even users who are not familiar with Windows installation can use it easily.

HP’s 250 G8 and 255 G8, which are composed of various ports, are cost-effective products that consider users such as performance, portability, and high expandability of a comfortable large screen, making them a good choice for buyers.

The VR headset ‘HP Reverb G2’, which is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, is also part of this year’s big sale event. ‘HP Reverb VR G2’, which was jointly developed by HP, VALVE, and Microsoft, and boasts more powerful performance compared to its predecessor, provides a comfortable fit such as compact size, light weight, and IPD adjustment (pupillary distance). The new design of the 6DOF motion tracking sensor controller is applied, and it is designed with an optimized button layout for excellent ease of use. MURA phenomenon*A full RGB stripe ultra-high-definition (4,320*2,160) 7.3cm LCD panel that does not have any gaps, provides ultra-high resolution that exceeds 4K resolution, and provides double the panel resolution for each eye compared to the previous one. (*MURA phenomenon – partial difference in brightness and color of LCD panel)

90Hz refresh rate, 114-degree viewing angle, improved lens clarity compared to the previous generation, and increased cushioning provide a comfortable feeling even when worn for a long time.

It is also perfectly compatible with STEAM VR of VALVE, an American game developer, and has excellent functions and performance, as well as compatibility with Steam VR-enabled peripherals and accessories, making it highly usable in various industries such as gaming, medical, design, and design.

Dahye Kim, CEO of DNSIT Co., Ltd. said, “I think that the true meaning of cost-effectiveness is to provide sufficient satisfaction to the buyer. did.

Reporter Lee Dong-shik [email protected]