Do you still need a cinema? New Pixar movie straight to Disney Plus!

The new animation film from the well-known animation studio Pixar is in the starting blocks. Rot (or in the original Turning Red) will be the next animation spectacle that awaits us in 2022.

So far, however, it was not known where the film would appear, whether only in the cinema or on the in-house streaming platform Disney Plus. That is changing now, because Disney has announced that the title will be straight to Disney Plus available and even more not in theaters will be seen.

When does red appear?

The animated film was originally intended to be on March 10, 2022 start in theaters. This date will actually also apply to the streaming release that takes place instead. So it will be red from March 10th via the Disney Plus subscription be available.

What is RED about?

Red tells a coming-of-age story, i.e. a story about growing up. What is special is the fact that the center of the story is the 13-year-old girl Mei Lee, who turns into a giant red panda when too excited.

Coping with the odd teenage life with such a skill is absolutely not easy. That makes for an interesting premise that appeals to both children and adults alike.

Can you watch red for free?

The film will be available through Disney Plus and that without additional costs (in addition to those for the actual subscription).

This is not a matter of course at this point, because some of the films from Disney Animation Studios or Marvel Studios were only playable on Disney Plus with an extra charge of 30 euros. The Disney and Marvel films were then always shown in cinemas at the same time.

Encanto, the latest film from Disney Animation Studios, actually appeared on Disney Plus at no extra charge, despite the parallel cinema release.

Are Pixar Movies Still Coming to Theaters?

After Soul and Luca, red is already the third Pixar film that was never allowed to see the big screen in the wake of the pandemic. For Disney it seems clear that the Pixar films are being handled differently than their own animated films.

What is interesting here is the fact that the next Pixar film Lightyear is currently with a cinema release on June 17, 2022. It is unclear whether that will change, or whether Disney hopes that Lightyear will be particularly successful, as it is a spin-off of the popular Toy Story series and is therefore aiming for a cinema release.

RED: New Pixar movie turns schoolgirl Mei into a giant panda

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