Dying Light 2: Really 500 hours of playtime? Developers take a stand

How long should games be? This question has been discussed at length over the past few days. Reason for discussion: Dying Light 2. About Techland’s developers shared Twitter with that it takes around 500 hours to complete the zombie apocalypse. Even a walk from Madrid to Warsaw with around 534 hours would be only slightly longer, as the makers announced in a graphic. In another tweet, they have since commented on the information.

Dying Light 2: 500 hours of playing time !?

“We wanted to clarify our previous communications about the Dying Light 2 season,” writes Techland, adding that the zombie action is designed for multiple play styles. So it takes 20 hours to complete the main story. If you want to invest more time, you can plan around 80 hours to complete all the side missions of Dying Light 2 in addition to the main story. On the other hand, around 500 hours are necessary to unlock all the ends and discover all the locations on the map. All dialogues and collectibles also fall under the 500-hour game time specification.

Wer Dying Light 2 (buy now € 79.99) So if you want to play through to 100 percent, you should allow a lot of playing time. Criticism was initially raised among players. Few could imagine that a game would offer so much exciting content that would captivate the screen for hundreds of hours. From February 4th, when Dying Light 2 goes on sale, we will find out what there is ultimately to be explored in the zombie apocalypse – in Germany in a cut version.

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