E-cars still cautious: these will be the most popular cars of the Germans in 2021

Electric cars are on the rise, as can be seen from the registration figures for 2021. Despite a significant increase, the proportion of electric cars among the top 50 is still low. The breakthrough in e-mobility is still a long way off.

New registrations in 2021: VW dominates the top 10

For politics and industry, as well as from the point of view of many consumers, the switch to electric cars is inevitable. This trend can also be seen in the registration statistics for 2021, e-cars are being bought more and more. Calculated over the course of the year, battery-powered cars have failed to make a major breakthrough – for the time being.

The registration numbers of the past year leads the VW Golf. “Only” approximately 92,000 units were already sufficient for this in 2021, no other model was newly registered more frequently (source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt via Auto Motor Sport). The top 10 clearly dominate the Wolfsburg: With T-Roc (2nd place), Tiguan (3rd), Up (5th) and Passat (6th), a total of five VWs landed in the top places.

Germany’s most successful electric car is Tesla’s Model 3

The top 10 are completed by the Opel Corsa in 4th place, as well as Mini (7th), BMW 3 Series (8th), Škoda Octavia (9th) and Fiat 500 (10th). The first e-car just missed a place among the ten most popular cars in Germany: Tesla’s Model 3 takes 11th place. This makes the Model 3 one of only three electric cars that made it into the 50 most registered vehicles.

With the ID.3, VW is also placing itself well in the field of future-oriented e-cars. The first Stromer from Wolfsburg lands in 21st place. The formerly most successful electric car on the German market, the Renault Zoe, will land in third place in its drive class in 2021, and overall it is enough for 28th place.

You should know these misconceptions about e-cars before switching:

2021 was not an easy year for the automotive industry, with new registrations falling by 10.1 percent compared to the previous year. The switch to electric cars is currently challenging long-established manufacturers, and so were those ongoing restrictions of the pandemic, among other things due to a lack of components. Car buyers had to and sometimes have to accept long waiting times, whether it should be a new combustion engine or an electric car.