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Monster Hunter Rise, the Monster Hunter series that was released on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021, will be released on PC on January 13, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise is a game with a Japanese theme, and in the case of monsters, monsters from the previous series have a monster character added to them.

An extended DLC will be released in the summer of 2022.

PC Gamer

Monster Hunter Rise is arguably the greatest of Capcom’s flagship series, and it will continue to be a game for the foreseeable future.


PC Invasion

Monster Hunter Rise is a new game in the Monster Hunter series. Players new to the series can easily get into the monster series, and returning players can enjoy hunting with friends.

Monster Hunter Rise review — Battle of the beasts


The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise plays very well, solving many of the limitations caused by the low specs of the Switch version.
Frames are no longer locked at 30 frames per second, resolutions go up to 4K, some textures are much more detailed and load times are noticeably shorter.


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