“Fan expectations are brutal”: Shitstorm against Battlefield 2042

It’s long been no secret that the fans are anything but satisfied with the first-person shooter Battlefield 2042. That makes itself among other things the many negative Steam reviews noticeable. The situation is correspondingly tense at the moment. One of the employees at Electronic Arts probably broke the barrel recently and triggered a proper shit storm.

What happened?

Andy McNamara, who is the “Global Director of Integrated Comms for Shooters & Star Wars” at Electronic Arts and among others also contributed to Battlefield 2042, recently spoke up on Twitter. In several tweets he asked the fans for a little patience, as many employees were only now coming back from vacation and communication in the past few days has been a bit sluggish. One of his formulations, however, was particularly angry with the fans:

“Let’s get back from the break and get back to work. I love you guys, but those expectations are brutal. The things you ask for take time to be identified, designed and done.”

How did the fans react?

A short time later, the aforementioned shit storm broke out. The fans were bothered that McNamara in his tweets had spoken of “brutal expectations”. The community sees it completely differently and points out that Battlefield 2042 (buy now € 33.05 /39,99 € ) came on the market in unacceptable condition. Most of their criticism is based on this. The Twitter follower “Fala Shas” summed up the mood quite well:

“The ‘expectations are brutal’? LOL. Stop lying to the community and, most importantly, stop selling pre-alpha games. Expectations wouldn’t be so ‘brutal’ then:”

McNamara now has his two tweets due to the toxic feedback from within the community deleted again. His actual “message” did not come across. He has now apologized for this.

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