Hardware 2022: The highlights and disappointments of CES

The CES is one of the most important hardware trade shows of the year. We discuss their highlights – and our disappointments.

The Consumer Electronics Show – CES for short – in Las Vegas is an important indicator for the hardware future: What can we expect in the next few months or even years? Accordingly, our hardware editors Nils Raettig and Alexander Köpf crouched in front of keynotes and presentations.

In the podcast, Micha talks to Nils and Alex about their highlights and disappointments at CES. Because even the coolest gimmick couldn’t hide the fact that the graphics cards still look bleak.

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Above all, Intel failed to provide details on its Arc Alchemist graphics cards. While it is still officially said (and also said at CES) that the first cards should come in the first quarter of 2022, Intel is speaking Website currently only from »2022«. In the podcast we discuss what’s behind it.

We have identified mobile gaming as a trend at CES: New graphics cards and processors for laptops sound interesting. And the RTX gaming tablet Asus ROG Flow Z13 we did smile at first, but that was a mistake, as Nils notes. And then there would be – probably – Valve’s Steam Deck in February …

The gaming highlight at CES was, however, PlayStation VR 2. Not only because Sony wants to significantly improve its VR headset compared to the first generation, it can also give the entire virtual reality market a boost.

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