Horizon Forbidden West: First leaks are making the rounds – one month before release

Four weeks before the release do the first Leaks to Horizon Forbidden West make the rounds on the internet. As the VGC Portal reports, the first images of an unfinished version of the upcoming action role-playing game have recently been circulating through the vastness of the Internet – apparently the PS4 version can be seen. “We learned that the leaked build is legitimate and, apart from a few missing graphics, includes all core content that is planned for the final game,” reports the portal.

PS4 images of Horizon Forbidden West floating around

The pictures taken from the screen were made public via Twitter, but now partly removed. The fact that the material was deleted due to a complaint from the owner is taken as a further indication of the authenticity of the images. It is not known from which source the early version came. VGC adds that the Forbidden West-Build not currently circulating on file-sharing websites.

Beware of spoilers

Who is before the release of Horizon Forbidden West (buy now € 89.99) does not want to spoil on February 18, should one in the coming weeks Avoid relevant forums and subreddits. PlayStation players remember: Long before The Last of Us Part 2 was released, extensive spoilers had hit the net that described large parts of the story. The developers of Naughty Dog then shared their disappointment – and advised players to stay away from the spoilers. A similar reaction can be expected from Horizon developer Guerrilla Games. Forbidden West is coming to PS4 and PS5.

Horizon: Forbidden West – peoples of the land in the new trailer

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