iPhone feature on Xbox, but not on Apple TV: Could that be?

There is an iPhone feature on the Xbox, which Apple denies customers on the in-house set-top box. How can this be, what is it all about? The statement reveals an obvious flaw in the Apple TV.

Who by FaceTime want to have a video call who needs an iPhone, iPad or Mac. But recently it also works with Android smartphones and Windows PCs and generally any device that has a Chrome or Edge browser and a camera connection.

Not just on the iPhone: FaceTime and Xbox

This is exactly what the Reddit user “u / JavonTEvans” has now made use of, he explains in a post how he succeeded Enable FaceTime on Xbox Series S. (Those: Reddit). In a nutshell: A Logitech C930 webcam is connected to the game console. Now all they have to do is open the shared link for a FaceTime conversation from the email app and off they go. Good to know: Links for a FaceTime conference can easily be created within iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Afterwards, the other person can participate in the browser, a separate FaceTime app for Windows, Android and Co. is not necessary.

FaceTime has gained even more features with the current system update:

The flaw: Apple TV cannot face FaceTime

If you try the same with the Apple TV, you will fail. Because neither FaceTime nor a browser runs on the set-top box and an external webcam cannot be connected. The only way out: “Beam” an active face-time conversation using AirPlay on the Apple TV, but then basically only the screen is mirrored, so no “real” solution.

So if you want to have FaceTime calls on your television, you won’t find any help in the Apple TV – a flaw. But maybe Apple will improve soon? Rumor has it that the iPhone manufacturer is working on one Device that combines an Apple TV and a HomePod, they could also receive camera support to make FaceTime calls. But this is not really certain. Until the eventual presentation, owners of an Xbox obviously have an advantage and the Apple TV has a disadvantage.