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– IronSource completes acquisition of global mobile marketing company Tapjoy

– Powerful solutions integrated with Tapjoy technology will be provided on IronSource’s comprehensive platform.

– Expected to create enormous synergies by combining the Iron Source platform with a vast advertising network built around the world

IronSource (NYSE:IS), a powerful business platform for the app economy, today officially announced that it has completed the final acquisition of Tapjoy, a global mobile marketing and app monetization company.

The acquisition is expected to further strengthen IronSource’s inherent synergies by adding industry-leading tools to support app and in-game economies for app developers, along with a powerful advertiser marketplace.

Iron Source is a promising company in the industry in 2021, such as ‘Soomla’, a global advertising quality measurement platform, ‘Luna Labs’, a playable and creative production platform, and ‘Bidalgo’, a marketing automation platform. It has been actively acquiring related production technology and platform companies, and with this acquisition of Tapjoy, one of the four acquisitions, it is planning to pursue both organic and inorganic growth strategies in harmony.

In addition, when the vast ad networks that both IronSource and Tapjoy are building around the world combine in earnest and related technologies are added, the value that app and game developers get from the IronSource platform is expected to further expand. Developers can unlock more monetization opportunities through increased demand from advertisers competing to bid for advertising inventory and additional technologies and tools that will enrich the in-game economy to the next level.

Ultimately, the acquisition is expected to extend the technology within the IronSource platform to provide a solution that spans more touchpoints, as well as support the various tools needed within the app growth lifecycle and app-based business.

IronSource CEO and Co-Founder, Tomer Bar Zeev, said, “This acquisition, like other recent acquisitions, provides access to app-based businesses and expands the number of solutions our customers use on the platform. “We are delighted to welcome the talented Tapjoy team to join IronSource, and to successfully combine the skills they have built into the IronSource platform to support the many facets of our app business. I look forward to it,” he said.

“Integrating with IronSource will increase the impact we can provide to the app economy,” said Tapjoy CEO Jeff Drobick. This frees us to focus on a strong product roadmap that will facilitate and develop superior solutions for our partners. “Tapjoy looks forward to the next step in our journey with IronSource, and we are truly delighted to be part of the IronSource family.”

In addition, the consolidation of key supply and demand functions in the coming months is expected to increase the number of bidders and buyers available to mobile app and game developers, expanding further monetization opportunities and gaining significant scale in global markets including Korea. It is expected that the foundation will be laid for growth both in quality and quantity.

Meanwhile, IronSource plans to push ahead with work to maximize synergy between each company in the coming months. As part of this, in the case of the Iron Source Korean branch, each of the three companies, Tapjoy Korea and Vidalgo Korea, will be integrated into one corporation to establish a base office where all employees can work in one place.

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By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]