‘Kobayashine Mai Dragon’ appears in the midnight polar light! Collaboration notice until the 26th

Tencent Games(Tencent Games)is a tourdog studio(TourDogStudio)A new concept strategy chain developed by and serviced by RPG ‘night polar lightWe are collaborating with this Kobayashine Mai Dragon. 11day said.


‘White Night Light’ is a mobile collection based on one-stroke drawing using floor tiles. RPGas, You can clear the stage by strategically using tiles in any direction except where the character is located..


‘Kobayashine Maid Dragon’ is a daily comedy cartoon based on the meeting of humans and dragons.Cumulative number of publications 260Boasts over a million copies


This collaboration is coming 13from day 26It is carried out until, It contains the story of the characters of ‘Kobayashine Maid Dragon’ accidentally entering the world of midnight polar light through the door of the world opened by ‘Thor’ while purchasing food..



During the event, users can meet popular characters ▲Thor ▲Kanna ▲Lucoa ▲Alma ▲Fafnil as in-game Auroras..


An official from ‘White Night Geekgwang’ said, “We decided to collaborate with ‘Kobayashine Maid Dragon’ to provide users with a different kind of fun.”, “My favorite in ‘White Night Light’(supreme affection) I hope to meet the character. 2022We will do our best to prepare a fresh event this year.”.



More details about the collaboration between ‘White Night Starlight’ and Kobayashine’s Mai Dragon can be found on the official cafe..


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