Next-Generation Convergence Technology Research Institute-Seoul National University New Materials Research Center signed a business agreement today (11th) to support analysis of semiconductor sub-manager in Gyeonggi-do | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

The Next-Generation Convergence Technology Research Institute (President Young-Chang Joo, hereinafter referred to as Ki-Won Yong) signed a business agreement on the morning of the 11th (Tuesday) with the Seoul National University New Materials Joint Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Research Center for Advanced Materials) in order to strengthen support for analysis technology for semiconductor materials, parts and equipment SMEs in Gyeonggi-do. said to have been signed.

The signing ceremony, held at Yonggiwon, was held in observance of social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19 in the presence of only essential officials from each institution, including Director Joo Young-chang, New Materials Joint Research Institute, and Kim Mi-young.

Through this business agreement, the two organizations will provide support for analysis equipment between partner organizations, provide technical advice and information exchange on analysis difficulties, establish a network for advancement of analysis technology and expand the foundation, and provide related technology trends in the field of specialized technology related to analysis equipment. Based on the characteristics and strengths of each institution in Korea, they pledged to establish a comprehensive mutual cooperative relationship.

The Jung Ki-won Materials and Parts Equipment Research Project Group (hereinafter referred to as the project group) has built several medium-to-large analysis devices that were difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises in the province to introduce due to the cost burden, and has been operating the central analysis support room since October 2020.

The central analysis support office is actively responding to the analysis demands of local companies by quickly providing advanced test and analysis results by doctoral level specialists affiliated with the Yong Ki-won project group, showing a high level of satisfaction.

With this business agreement as an opportunity, Kiwon Yong and the Joint Research Institute of New Materials will actively and continuously not only exchange analysis equipment and analysis technology know-how possessed by each institution, but also strengthen analysis technology capabilities to support small and medium-sized companies in semiconductor materials, parts and equipment in Gyeonggi-do. They agreed to work together to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the province.

Director Joo Young-chang said, “This business agreement is a collaboration between the central analysis support office of the Jung Ki-won project group and the Seoul National University New Materials Research Institute, and the two organizations will practice win-win cooperation with the local community using science and technology and promote the development of the small department manager industry in Gyeonggi-do. “We will do our best to solve technical difficulties in the field,” he said.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]