Now Play, mobile tower defense ‘Guardian of the Three Kingdoms’ officially launched on the 10th (Mon) | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

‘Guardian Three Kingdoms’, which is attracting attention for its combination of Three Kingdoms and Tower Defense, was officially released on January 10th.

‘Guardian of the Three Kingdoms’ has been released in three markets: Google Play Store, One Store, and Galaxy Store, and the Apple App Store will be released soon as soon as the review is complete.

‘Guardian of the Three Kingdoms’ is drawing the attention of fans by introducing the heroes of the Three Kingdoms to the fun of the existing defense game. In particular, since the original information that even the Three Kingdoms fanatics did not know well is hidden throughout the mission, you can feel the fun of learning them one by one.

In addition, ‘Guardian of the Three Kingdoms’ is full of systems that induce more aggressive play by breaking away from the habit of strengthening only defense towers. Strategic play is attractive, such as making a preemptive attack with a high degree of freedom and controlling the longevity or earning time to grow the defense tower.

An official from the service company ‘Now Play’ said, “I am very grateful to the users who have waited for a long time.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the opening of ‘Guardian of the Three Kingdoms’, special events such as the 1st event ‘Chapter Conquest’ and the 2nd ‘We are the Legion’ are being held at the official cafe.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]