Phil Spencer: “Toxic gamblers should be banned everywhere”

In an interview with the New York Times did Xbox-Chef Phil Spencer talked about problems with players going through negative behavior how insults, sexism or even racism stand out in titles in which multiplayer plays an important role. Spencer still wishes for these users tougher measureswhich makes it even more difficult for them to continue playing online with others in the future.

Phil Spencer suggests cross-platform bans

The Xbox boss also has an idea of ​​how to tackle the problem in the future. So should toxic players Not only are they blocked on the platform on which they became suspicious, but also on all of them other networks the console manufacturer. A ban on Xbox Live would therefore also have consequences for the respective players in the PlayStation Network and at Nintendo Switch Online.

Are cross-platform locks even feasible?

At the moment, however, this idea is likely to be implemented rather difficult will. Incidentally, Phil Spencer himself knows that too, as he mentions in the interview. The Xbox boss has not disclosed in detail what exactly could fail.

Phil Spencer brings an alternative into play

Even if cross-platform bans will probably not be an issue for the time being, says Phil Spencer of one Alternative. So players could have a personal list Create with all the users who have been noticed by negative behavior. These could then be exchanged with one another in order to avoid playing together with the corresponding malefactors.

Activision already has a cross-platform ban system in place

With the start of the new Anti-Cheat-Software Ricochet for Call of Duty, Activision announced that in special cases the entire shooter franchise could come. Cheaters and other conspicuous players would be in all previous and future offshoots of Call of Duty locked.

Those: New York Times

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