Phil Spencer: “Xbox is not a platform for political messages”

Use players Online platforms such as Xbox Liveto keep in touch with each other and discuss different topics. However, there are also some limits in this regard, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now defined more precisely. Politics in particular is a sensitive issue here.

Xbox is not meant to be a home for political messages

In one Interview with the New York Times it was about, among other things the increasing social and political radicalization of certain groups of people on various online platforms. One such is of course Xbox Live with its various contact options. However, according to Phil Spencer, there is no unrestricted freedom of speech:

“We all see positive and negative aspects of human circumstances. There are people who propose or even get married on Xbox Live. There are also conversations about politics and other things that happen everywhere. One thing we always talk about ours social network is the fact that it is not a platform for freedom of speech. We are a platform for interactive entertainment and video games. We are not there to allow all kinds of social discourse on our platform. That is not the reason why we exist. “

As an example, Phil Spencer cited that, among other things, it was very reluctant to see start a political movement on Xbox Live. The focus is clearly on providing a platform for entertainment and video games, without political interference or other problems of this kind.

In an interview, Spencer also spoke out in favor of the fact that it should be possible to ban players across multiple platforms, such as Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

Those: New York Times

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