Police ignore theft because of Pokémon GO – and get fired

Actually, the mobile phenomenon Pokémon Go is supposed to be one positive effect on its players: It encourages coming together and attracts pocket monster fans all over the world out into nature or at least from your own four walls. Under certain circumstances, one of the smartphone offshoots can also cost the job.

Like Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, for example. The two Police ignored the radio messages from colleagueswho called in reinforcements during a robbery because they wanted to catch a snorlax. The case actually dates from 2017, but has now officially concluded.

What had the two police officers done?

So now are the Falldokumente publicly viewable, the one absurd picture draw around the two policemen and their priorities. Lozano and Mitchell were on patrol together, playing Pokémon Go, when the radio message reached them. Colleagues are at a Macy’s nearby, where a robbery was taking place and urgently needed reinforcement.

Lozano and Mitchell ignored the act and their colleagues and set out instead to find one nearby Relaxo using their smartphones to catch them. Even after successfully locking the sleepy Pokémon in a ball, they didn’t go to Macy’s. Instead, they went to the Hunt for another Pokémon, namely a Togetic.

The matter came out because you got that Camera system built into the police car evaluated. Lozano and Mitchell’s could do that lie served upthat they would not have played the game but only talked about it and did not hear the radio message because the background noise was too loud, unmask clearly.

Permanent employment for Relaxo: Not a good exchange

The two policemen were then fired, but challenged the verdict because they were of the opinion that the camera system of the company car should not be used for such purposes. The court recently dismissed this objection and officially declared the termination to be final.

Incidentally, the document on the case is entertaining not only because of the story itself, but also because it is so amusing footnotes such as the following: “According to evidence presented to the Legal Board, Togetic is a Pokémon creature known as a happy, cheerful, and naive Pokémon.”

Those: Official California State Document

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