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[기사 본문]
– New monster Fenrir with skills suitable for attacking boss and ace monsters
– Rich benefits provided to all users who achieved the Fenrir Growth Event from January 11th to 25th

Global game company Gravity has updated the new SS-level monster Fenrir of the mobile SRPG ‘Ragnarok Tactics’ on the 11th.

The new monster ‘Fenrir’ added with this update is a long-distance magic type monster that mainly uses magic that combines 4 attributes. In the original version, it had the appearance of a monster, but in Ragnarok Tactics, it was reconstructed into a stylish figure wearing a Chinese-style costume and holding a spear.

Fenrir’s basic attack can give a stun effect when attacking the opponent 5 times, and has the ability to intercept the enemy with the highest combat power among the opponents first, so it is expected that effective battle will be possible when attacking boss monsters. In addition, contents such as addition of new dedicated equipment, expansion of max level, and expansion of the number of floors of Geffen Tower are also updated.

Gravity will hold a growth event to commemorate the Fenrir update from January 11th to 25th. During the event period, a super old purple box will be given to all users when Fenrir is acquired, a 22-level equipment set box will be given when Fenrir 5 stars are achieved, and a Fenrir-exclusive profile will be additionally presented when Fenrir 5 stars are achieved.

A representative of Ragnarok Tactics said, “Fenrir is an effective monster to subdue the enemy that needs to be attacked first during battle, such as bosses and ace. We hope that through this new monster, users will be able to conduct battles more strategically and efficiently.”

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Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]