Realistic tactical shooter Ready or Not review

A genre game that emphasizes the realistic aspect of a tactical shooting game. Ready or Not(ready or sickle)is an early access game similar to SWAT 4.
The graphics are good enough that Unreal Engine was introduced, and the fans of tactical shooting games enjoyed the game, but I don’t know if it’s because of the early access period.
, I see a lot of bugs Some scenes of the game are often dubious, such as being tied up with cable ties, no matter how many guns are fired, and citizens and suspects staying in one place casually..

Still, I think it’s thanks to the memories of the tactical shooting game., The tactic begins with reconnaissance inside the room with a mirror gun, And thanks to the thrill of the ending I played without losing the tension until the mission was over.

no tutorial swat4It didn’t take long for me to get used to it since I’ve played the Rainbow Six series.

This game will be familiar to gamers who remember Swat 4 because it is similar to Swat 4 in the process of entering the room after scouting the room with a mirror gun, in which the Blue and Red teams follow the gamer’s command in a pair of two.
As with recent games, the graphics have been improved and the AI ​​of the enemies has become a little smarter, but It’s a pity that it hasn’t improved significantly.

At the heart of the ready or sickle are the suspects and citizens. When entering the target, it is difficult to see if it is a suspect or a citizen, but you need to be careful because the suspect and the citizen are mixed.. That’s the funniest part of the game..
But if you play the game for a while, You realize that distinguishing between citizens and suspects doesn’t make much sense.. Acting like a citizen and then pulling out a gun, Because it is not uncommon to run away to another room while panicking..

In the process of suppression Since the suspects and citizens are randomly located within the target, we cannot be sure that the suspect on the other side of the door is guarding the next mission..
It’s rare for an armed suspect to guard the door so honestly. Suspects caught with mirror guns can only peek at their legs or, Or turn around and make you unsure if you’re a dangerous person.
It can also be said that the thrill of this game is that the booby trap is accidentally discovered and makes you numb..

As a result, Gamers mobilize their team members to Smash the hinges with a shotgun, Strategies such as throwing flash grenades are the most used. Here, it is often the case that the actions of the team members appear to be troublesome. In particular, when instructed to open the door with a kick, a bizarre motion of gaiting appears., It hits the wall at an angle instead of the door, and the depth of the game itself drops sharply..

I don’t think there’s any need to elaborate on the shortcomings of this game. Personally, I was most dissatisfied with the fact that the game itself had nothing to do with the physical..
If you encounter a suspect, you will often get a headshot right away., After being killed a few times, It was confusing who the Swat unit was..
In fact, it was impossible to go to a head-to-head match, so only the suppression by mobilizing the team members was repeated. I’m not sure if that’s the developer’s intention., Team members take the lead, In fact, it’s embarrassing to even call it a shooter game because the suspects are so docilely arrested that they look so likable..

However, the fact that the team members can be used in various ways, the suspect AI, The increased playtime with different difficulty levels is something to be commended..
Instead, improve the motion of suspects or citizens who behave like zombies., Difficulty adjustment is also required.
When the official release in Korean is confirmed, Swat4It is sure to be a game that fans of tactical shooting games such as.

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