Remake of Resident Evil 1 – fan project causes enthusiasm

The first part of the popular survival horror game series Resident Evil was released in 1996. The title was remake in 2002, which is now a good 20 years ago. An HD version was released in 2015, and although that wasn’t too long ago, the game is now getting on in years.

While new parts of the series appear, most recently Resident Evil 8, there have also been full remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 in recent years, but none of the first part.

At the current time there is also no indication that Capcom will release a Resident Evil 1 remake. However, fans have taken on the remake project. So far it looks promising and is called Residence of Evil: Vigil.

Resident Evil 1 Remake von Fans

This sends us on the same mission as the original game. As Jill Valentine or, alternatively, Chris Redfield, you and the Alpha Team are sent to the Spencer estate at the gates of Raccoon City after Team Bravo has mysteriously disappeared here. Now it is up to us to reveal the secrets of the well-known umbrella company.

Although a lot of things should be modernized, the game should still remain difficult and items such as ammunition or opportunities for healing will be few and far between.

Big changes

Even if the MoonGlint development team leaves much of the original, a change in the camera perspective is shown in the published gameplay. In contrast to the original game, which had fixed cameras, a third-person perspective is used here, as is the case in the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes (buy now 19.79 €) is known. There should also be an additional area that is not present in the original title.

When can the game be expected?

An exact date is not yet available, but the PC-exclusive title should someday this year appear and playable for free be – when he appears. As is usual with fan projects without a license, it is very likely that Capcom will thwart the ambitious developers and send their warning lawyers over. This was also the case with a former fan remake of Resident Evil 2.

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