Samsung beats LG: there is a new OLED TV king

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Samsung unveiled its new QD OLED panel a few days ago, designed to end LG’s hegemony in the TV market. And it actually seems to be working, as the company proudly announces. Samsung can beat LG in several important disciplines.

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Samsungs QD-OLED-Panel schlägt LGs OLED-TVs

Samsung has been planning to enter the market with OLED televisions for a long time. After relying on QLED panels for a long time and repeatedly comparing them with OLED TVs, they are finally entering the market with OLED televisions. LG is currently the market leader there. But that will not stay that way if you look at the first independent test results of the QD OLED panel from Samsung (source: Samsung).

There, the QD OLED panel from Samsung sometimes clearly beats current OLED Evo models from LG. The latest OLED TV from LG achieves a maximum brightness of 846 nits, while the model from Samsung comes to 1,000 nits. The Samsung panel is also significantly better in terms of color. LG covers the DCI-P3 color space with 99 percent, Samsung comes with 120 percent – has Notebookcheck collected.

The Sony A95K will be one of the first televisions to be launched with the Samsung QD OLED panel. Samsung itself will of course also be releasing its own TVs with the QD OLED display. LG will probably follow suit with the OLED.EX panels, but they still have to wait some time. With this, Samsung wins the crown with the first OLED panel for televisions. Customers now have a lot more choice if they want a really good OLED TV.

Where is the difference between LCD and OLED displays:

Buy OLED TV: It’s more than just the screen that counts

Even if the built-in OLED panel is the most important part of a television, there is more to it. The surface also has to fit. In addition, some manufacturers also offer special properties. For example, Philips uses Ambilight. Nevertheless, Samsung’s entry into the OLED market is important because it creates more competition and LG has to work harder to regain the crown.

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