Signal loses boss: WhatsApp founder takes control

An important change is pending for the Messenger Signal. (Image source: GIGA)

Explosive change in the messenger executive suite: WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, of all things, is now to lead the fortunes of Signal. However, the new appointment is not permanent, as has already been established.

Signal: WhatsApp co-founder takes over temporarily

Brian Acton is the new head of Signal on a temporary basis. It is already clear that he will not occupy the executive chair permanently because it is an interim solution. Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike has announced that he will be vacating his position within a month. It should now be taken over by someone who can “bring in fresh energy”, according to the official announcement (source: Signal Blog). As part of the board of directors, Marlinspike would like to stay on Messenger.

Marlinspike is convinced of the interim boss Acton: “I have full confidence in his commitment to the mission and his ability to support the team during this time”. Still have Looking for a new CEO already started. Talks have already been held with several candidates in the past few months.

Acton left WhatsApp a few years after it was acquired by Facebook. the increasing influence from Facebook is supposed to have been the reason why he ultimately turned his back on WhatsApp.

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Signal: WhatsApp alternative is catching up

Along with other messengers, Signal is one of the Winners of the WhatsApp fiasco last year when WhatsApp gave itself new terms of use. Some users then turned their backs on the messenger and looked for an alternative, which some then found at Signal.

Signal comes up today around 40 million active users. Signal was recently criticized when confidential cryptocurrency transfers were announced. The project is also said to have been criticized internally, as it could create a completely new attack surface for the messenger. Regardless of this, there will soon be usernames at Signal.

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