Solar Revival, ‘God’s Workplace’ full version video released

Youjoy Games(Ujoygames)Is Idle type RPG ‘Solar Revival(Solar Revival)‘this Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Today, the download service has been started through the One Store.(11Work) said.

In addition, through the official cafe PR model 6In this work, the fun and anticipation elements of ‘Solar Revival’ were happily expressed through work life. god’s work Full version video released.

Solar Revivalsilver from advance reservation 100It is a mobile game that is predicted to have a high probability of success, such as a large number of subscribers.. Support sufficient growth through neglect, Battles have unique skills and faction buffs for each hero., It is expected that the taste of breaking the market is excellent as there are various strategic options due to the competitive effect..

Youjoy Games has started many in-game events to continue the good atmosphere of pre-booking as an official service.. The maximum goal of the event to exceed the number of subscribers has been achieved, so you can receive a generous amount of in-game items just by logging in, and the official cafe continues to present useful items for early growth as a guerrilla event.

A representative from Youjoi Games We are happy to announce the official service of Solar Revival.. Above all, I would like to thank you for the high participation rate of advance reservations.. We will do our best to operate so that users can feel that they are creating together with users even after the official service.said.

For more information about the new full version video of God of ‘Solar Revival’, which started the official service, and the launching event and game, visit the official website (, the official cafe( be checked in

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