Spider-Man: No Way Home: A Trojan is lurking on the web

Spider Man: No Way Home – A Trojan is lurking on the web

There are many dangers lurking in the web, not only in a spider’s web but also in the World Wide Web. Currently, users who get films from apparently illegitimate providers or portals could find their way into the network of cryptominers. Because like the magazine Comicbookmovie such as MUI (Make use of) report, a Trojan was discovered behind an alleged torrent download with the Spider Man film “No Way Home”. The film was only released in theaters less than three weeks ago – if you don’t completely ignore this or are completely ignorant, you have to know that it is impossible to get a legal, free offer for a download version of the new Spider Man blockbuster right now can approach. One has to assume that this scam will also be tried with other films or music, games and application software.

The trojan in question does not spy on the user – but if you do not notice or ignore after the download that the file is actually not a torrent file, but an exe file, you will involuntarily install the trojan who turns the PC into a small mining machine. That means: the PC will in future help mine cryptocurrency without its owner noticing and, of course, without the usual remuneration. Those who distributed the manipulated download file and the Trojan horse contained in it grab the wages. Theoretically, depending on how intensively the software works, you could notice an unusual load on an infected PC, possibly also a more frequent or louder fan behavior than usual.

No matter how fresh a film, it cannot be a legally uploaded offer, unless large portals such as Amazon are behind it or the film studio itself informs about a download. Even if some people wait too long for a legal offer for films and even if the pure download is not yet punishable, one should stay away from obviously illegal sources that offer such films or other media files. Otherwise you could unintentionally get caught in the net of unsightly machinations. In addition, legal offers secure the work of people who are interested in a wide range of films and music. Games as well as books and magazines take care of it – if you don’t have enormous financial worries, you should be prepared to pay for creative content for this reason alone, even if it is by accepting advertising on a TV broadcast.

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