Steam: 8 year old open world hit is a real hit

The survival genre has picked up speed in the gaming industry over the past 10 years. But although there is now a new survival game trending on Steam every week, one representative has been able to keep his games happy for more than 8 years: Rust.

Rust: Survival game was more popular than ever in 2021

If Rust started the Steam Early Access program more than 8 years ago, probably nobody had believed that the game would one day become one of the most successful survival games on Steam. But the developers remained loyal to the project for many years, provided updates with new content for the players at regular intervals and thus managed to gradually build up an ever larger fan base.

Last year in particular was astonishingly successful for Rust, as a look at the number of players reveals. While in 2020 around 70,000 to 80,000 players were simultaneously on the servers, That number grew to around 110,000 in 2021 (Those: SteamDB). This success has not escaped the developers, who briefly look back on the past year in an official Steam blog entry:

“2021 was an exceptional year for Rust in almost every way. After 8 years of continuous development, Rust has climbed from one peak to the next. In 2021, Rust exploded on Twitch, we saw record breaking numbers of players, released Voice Props DLC Pack, World Revamp, Missions, Freight Trains, Underwater Labs, Gestures, Submarines, MLRS and so much more. “

(Those: Steam)

Rust Day One Edition (PlayStation 4)

Rust Day One Edition (PlayStation 4)

Official sales figures & prospects for 2022

In the same breath, the studio behind Rust also published the current sales figures: The survival game has already sold almost 12.5 million times – the sales of the console version will most likely also be taken into account. In addition, more than a million DLC packages went over the digital counter.

At peak times, there were more than 260,000 players in the Rust game world at the same time. For comparison: According to the data from SteamDB, the genre competitor DayZ could not even begin to reach such numbers at any point in time. Only a little more than 52,000 players cavorted on the servers at peak times.

And what’s in store for Rust players in 2022? According to the developers, all fans can look forward to an Arctic station in the game soon. In addition, the studio is working on new weapons, events, vehicles, animals and other objects. There is not yet a complete roadmap for 2022, but in February the team would like to deal primarily with the integration of some “Quality of Life” changes.