Steam hit: Action RPG for the Nintendo Switch is now storming the PC charts

Steam has a new top seller king. While the charts have been dominated by the tactical shooter Ready or Not in the last few days, an action-RPG has made itself comfortable at the top that Switch fans have been able to play for almost a year: Monster Hunter Rise. But although the new version offers some additional features, the developer Capcom also leaves a lot of potential.

Monster Hunter Rise: New Steam bestseller comes from the Nintendo Switch

Actually appeared Monster Hunter Rise already on March 26, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, but in a few days the popular action RPG will celebrate its second release. From January 12, 2022 PC gamers can also plunge into battle against the numerous monsters of the latest main offshoot of the series – and interest in the PC port seems to be very high if you take a look at the current Steam bestseller list.

Monster Hunter is currently occupying Rise there the second place and is just behind the acclaimed tactical shooter Ready or Not (source: Steam).

Compared to the Switch version, the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise looks even more stylish. You can see for yourself in the official trailer:

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PC version lacks some important features

Compared to the Switch version, PC players with the appropriate hardware can use a Significantly better resolution, a higher frame rate and pimped up textures are happy.

However, there is a big downer for all players who have already played Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch and are now thinking about switching to the PC version. Because Capcom announced in October 2021 that it would will not be able to transfer its save status from the handheld console to the computer. In other words, PC gamers will have to start the game all over again and will not be able to import their characters or gear from the Switch version.

You can find out whether Monster Hunter Rise could be worthwhile for you if you take a look at the official demo and in our test ship:

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Alexander Gehlsdorf

There will also be no support for crossplay. PC gamers will only be able to play with other PC gamers, Switch gamers will also have to keep to themselves. That should piss off some potential customers. Most of the players don’t seem to mind – otherwise Monster Hunter Rise probably wouldn’t have climbed to second place on the Steam charts that quickly. We are curious to see how long the digital monster hunt can defend this place and who will inherit the game afterwards.