Streamer Pokimane: “Not lazy!” – Statement on Twitch-Ban

With almost 9 million followers on Twitch and around 6.7 million YouTube subscribers, Pokimane is one of the biggest and most famous streamers at all. But the 25-year-old couldn’t protect her popularity from a Twitch-Ban.

Meanwhile, Imane Anys, her real name, is back on Twitch. She already celebrated that with a 12-hour comeback stream. She also entered Statement on the allegations against her and other streamers who are allegedly lazy.

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Why was Pokimane banned?

The reason for the two-day Twitch ban was a stream from Pokimane, in which she and her viewers watched an old children’s series live.

She had no rights for that, and the Twitch ban followed Infringement of third-party copyrights.

Watch series together on Twitch

Time and again, new categories are becoming popular on the streaming platform. the Live TV meta has been growing in popularity lately.

That’s why Pokimane also streamed himself while watching TV and let her fans participate in real time via live broadcast on Twitch.

Are streamers lazy?

The new trend is causing a lot of criticism that streamers are now exposed to, including the 25-year-old Canadian. However, she firmly rejects the criticism.

“I agree that this type of content is pretty easy to make. It’s unfair to label people as untalented and lazy,” said Pokimane, commenting on the allegations of laziness on her extensive comeback stream.

Pokimane emphasizes creative streamers

She then gave a few positive examples of streamers who serve the live TV category, but also transmit a lot of creative streams.

It relates, for example, to disguised toast. The statement is not the first of its kind from Pokimane – a few months ago, for example, she criticized too pushy fans.

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