Telekom sends out notices: They want to get rid of these customers

Telekom started a small tariff revolution in September 2020. Anyone who was able to conclude one of the coveted tariffs at that time is now viewed as undesirable. The Telekom wants namely to get rid of the last customers and sends out notices.

MagentaEINS Plus: Telekom customers receive notice of termination

Anyone who took out the coveted MagentaEINS Plus tariff at Telekom in 2020 will currently receive the notice of termination. The reason why the tariff was so popular was that there was no contract get a tariff for home and on the go for the price of 80 euros has. You could surf and phone as much as you wanted in the Telekom network via DSL and 5G mobile communications. The interest was huge, but only a few customers were able to really strike.

Many Telekom customers have already received the notice, but now the last users of MagentaEINS Plus are also to forego the tariff. Because of this Telekom is currently sending out a large number of cancellations (Those: Caschy). Of course, Telekom wants to keep its customers and is probably offering alternatives. But there is simply nothing like MagentaEINS Plus from Telekom. It was a unique and good tariff that Deutsche Telekom has unfortunately discontinued. He was just too good, I guess.

This is how you can find out whether a mobile phone tariff is really cheap:

Will a similar tariff come back from Telekom?

In any case, it is a shame that Telekom has abolished such a good tariff. Now that the company wants to get rid of all its customers, you can do not assume that a similar tariff is planned. You just earn a lot more if you sell the tariffs individually. At o2 you get a similar tariff for 60 euros a month (look at o2), but then you have to be on the o2 network. If that fits, that would be an option.

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