This cosplay will haunt your nightmares!

There are a lot extremely successful cosplays from various video games, series or films: This Ciri from The Witcher 3, for example, this Chun-Li from Streetfighter 2 or this Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man with a Venom impact. But sometimes fans of the well-groomed cosplay also thirst for something variety, for a bit of pepper in everyday costume.

And who would be better suited than that Elm Street Nightmare, Freddy Kruger personally? the ikonische Horror-Slasher is certainly not a frequently seen guest when it comes to cosplays, but still leaves a lasting impression. Especially when you have his scarred skin and his clawed hands as convincing as this cosplay.

A (silly) dreamlike cosplay: Freddy Krüger

the Reddit user Thecbstudio shared namely just first his embodiment of the murderous dream intruder and it has become really pretty creepy. The cosplay unites the most important features of the well-known slasher from Elm Street: The felt hat, for example, the red-brown striped top and of course the razor-sharp clawed gloves.

Of course, that is even more important and probably just as iconic scarred because of burned face by Freddy Krüger. To imitate the character of the film, Thecbstudio did an impressive job and such a thing truly disgusting result can achieve.

By the way, according to the caption, the cosplay is supposed to be Freddy “Freddy vs. Jason” and not the version from his original film “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. the optical differences but should only be noticed by hardcore horror fans. It’s been a while since the last film starring Freddy Krüger, but actor Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings) would love to produce a new version of the horror classic.

Those: Thecbstudio on Reddit

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