Twitch star Amouranth: Pool toy company bought for 7 million!

Twitch streamer Amouranth not only regularly makes headlines with her revealing streams. Sometimes she is no longer allowed to play Just Dance, another time the lifestyle magazine shot a whole video documentary about the 28-year-old.

Also as successful business woman Kaitlyn Siragusa, her real name, draws attention to herself again and again. After investing in a gas station and a supermarket, it now has a proud one $ 7 million put into a company to the success of which she herself contributed as a streamer.

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Which company did Amouranth buy?

The Texan announced the latest investment on Twitter. “Oops! … I did it again” she writes there. Next: “Another key step in my career is bought a company that makes inflatable pool toys “.

Hot tub stream toys

The investment is particularly promising because Amouranth has contributed and continues to contribute to the company’s success through its own streams.

In so-called Hot-Tub-Streams The 28-year-old and other revealing streamers broadcast themselves in tight bikinis from heated pools – and often sit on the same pool toy that the company makes, in which Amouranth has now invested.

Is it worth buying a company?

The streamer only really became known with the hot tub category, there have been many imitators since then and Twitch introduced its own meta for the category.

It is therefore not surprising that the The company is in good shape and has grown in recent years, as Amouranth writes on Twitter. And that should continue for the next few years.

Does Amouranth continue to flow anyway?

But Fans don’t need to worry Despite further investments, Amouranth wants to continue streaming as long as she has haters – and she has plenty of that.

However, Kaitlyn Siragusa cannot understand that there are also many gamers among them.

Sources: defect / Twitter

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