Twitch: Streamer Disguised Toast is banned for watching anime

Actually, pool queen and twister player Amouranth is undisputed when it comes to the Streaming-Plattform Twitch to be banned. Sometimes, however, it also affects other entertainment professionals: Like last Pokimane, who watched Avatar – The Last Airbender on her stream together with her viewers and thus committed a copyright infringement.

A similar fate now befell the Twitch-Star Disguised Toast. Jeremy Wang, the real name of the streamer, watched the famous anime Death Note around the eponymous, deadly notebook, the ice-cold Light Yagami and the Shinigami Ryuk.

Banned because of Death Note: The copyright police strike

Disguised Toast and its audience had a lot of fun watching it together. No wonder: Death Note hasn’t been in vain for years one of the most popular anime ever and through its exciting story, moral and philosophical questions as well as the multi-layered characters real classic.

But no matter how good Death Note is, public streaming of the anime is, the show is just like any other, not allowed and calls in no time at all Copyright Police on the plan. It also struck Disguised Toast, which is why the streamer on Twitch because of the Copyright infringement for a month was banned.

Interestingly, in this case it did Took quite a long timeuntil the ban came: Disguised Toast was already there with its audience Episode 25 of a total of 37 episodes arrived, with which he had already publicly streamed two thirds of the series. The episode in the middle of which he was banned was also particularly exciting, which is why the streamer on twitter shared his anger: “You really couldn’t wait 20 minutes longer, could you?”

Sources: Disguised Toast bei Twitter / defect

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