WhatsApp will get nine long-awaited innovations in 2022

Of all German Internet users, a staggering 80 percent have WhatsApp installed on their cell phones – according to the Digital 2021 Germany Report. And if you also belong to this 80 percent, then you can expect some interesting innovations in the app in 2022, many of which have been eagerly anticipated for years. We have you the most important new features that will find their way into the updates over the course of the year.

Send pictures in better quality

“Better not send me the picture on WhatsApp, then the quality will be so bad again,” all WhatsApp users have probably said before. Until now, the app compressed images so much when they were sent that the resolution no longer had anything to do with the original image. This should end in 2022, because in the future you will be able to decide for yourself in which mode you send pictures. You can choose between the modes Automatic, Best Quality and Data Saving Mode.

Invisible mode

So far, there were three options in the data protection settings to make your online status visible or invisible. Either nobody could see when you were last in the app, or only your contacts or all users. This function will soon be tailored to individual users, for example you can add exceptions and only make your status visible for certain numbers.

Listen to voice messages outside of the chat

There are supposed to be people who send their friends 20-minute voice messages. So far, you have not been able to use the app for anything else while listening, for example to answer other messages at the same time, because the voice message jumps back to the beginning each time you leave the chat. That should change in 2022 – then you can keep the message running in the background and indulge in other activities.

Pause function for voice messages

The next innovation is also intended to improve the convenience of voice messages: In the future, long, uncomfortable breaks in which you look for the red thread or shoo your cat from the bed will be an end. Because you should be able to press the pause button during a recording and simply continue recording later.

Further innovations

  • Emoji reactions: Some messengers such as Telegram or Microsoft Teams already have the function, now there is also WhatsApp – the possibility of reacting directly to a message with an emoji.
  • Groups and Communities: In addition to the simple chat groups, communities with sub-folders should also be able to be created – for example university years as a community with various lectures as groups.
  • Delete old messages: Previously, you could delete specially composed messages for other users up to 68 minutes after they were sent. In the future, this should still be possible several months after sending.
  • Delete other people’s messages: In group chats, moderators should be given the opportunity to delete messages from other people, especially in order to moderate large groups.
  • Multi-device beta: The test phase for the new multi-device function is currently underway, with which you can use WhatsApp on four different devices in the long term without having to constantly reconnect via WhatsApp Web.

Advertising on WhatsApp

The tenth innovation, on the other hand, was unlikely to have been eagerly anticipated by most: in 2022, as previously announced, advertising should find its way into the messenger. Initially, however, they will only appear when looking at the status messages of your contacts.

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