Apple’s secret bestseller is available again: We had to wait a long time for that

In October we were amazed when Apple actually presented a “cleaning rag” for a mere 25 euros with its in-house “polishing cloth”. The astonishment became even greater when the good piece was sold out for weeks and months. Now you can buy the noble cloth again.

Apple’s polishing cloth finally available again

Critics keep claiming: You can sell anything to Apple users, they access it without being asked as long as there is a bitten apple on it. The original Apple polishing cloth then confirmed the bad prejudice in the fall of last year. If you put 25 euros on the table for a simple microfiber cloth from Apple, you are not only financially well equipped, your brand love then probably knows no rational limits.

Surprisingly, there are tons of these potential customers because Apple couldn’t keep up with the delivery. Due to the strong demand, customers had to wait weeks, even months, for a delivery. What mutated into a gift idea for Christmas often became a present for New Years.

It is nicely packaged, the original polishing cloth from Apple:

But now Apple has produced properly again, at least there’s the polishing cloth to buy again in the Apple online store (view at Apple). Anyone who buys today will have the cleaning rag in their mailbox the day after tomorrow. The happy customer did not arrive in the shops, however, a store pick-up is currently not available. And what about the dealers?

If you don’t want to spend so much money shopping online, you should maybe watch our video:

The situation at dealers remains tense

They are still waiting for their orders. Cyberport, for example, is currently promising delivery by February 3, 2022 (see Cyberport); Saturn will take even longer. They expect April 7th 2022 at the earliest (see Saturn). But maybe this will improve soon. But if you are only looking for a useful polishing cloth, you should perhaps consider alternatives for a fraction of the Apple price (see Amazon).