Because there are too few PS5s: Sony now wants to sell PS4 again

Buying a PS5 is still difficult. If you want to buy one of the current Sony consoles, you need patience and a little luck. Even more than a year after it was released, the PlayStation 5 is still difficult to get – the mostly small contingents of the online shops are sold out in no time at all. To compensate for the high demand for the PS5, Sony seems to want to maintain the production of the PlayStation 4 for the current year.

Great demand for the PS5

As Bloomberg reports, Sony reportedly announced to its suppliers at the end of last year that it would also produce the PlayStation 4 in 2022. While the publisher has never officially announced when PS4 production will end, it is said to have been internally planned to shutdown PS4 production towards the end of 2021. Bloomberg cites sources who are familiar with the matter but want to remain unmentioned “because the plans are not publicly communicated”.

Sony will also produce the PS4 in 2022

Sony’s strategy is therefore to produce an additional million PS4 consoles in the current year to compensate for the high demand for the PS5. The PS5 predecessor is easier to manufacture and offers a more cost-effective alternative to the PlayStation 5 (buy now 899.00 €), writes Bloomberg on. A Sony spokesman confirmed to the portal that PS4 production will continue in 2022 and that the company has not planned to stop manufacturing the older console. After all, the PlayStation 4 is one of the best-selling consoles of all. In addition, there is always a certain transition between the consoles. The PS4 has been sold more than 116 million times worldwide.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan had previously sought a quick transition to PlayStation 5. However, Corona thwarted the bill: The global pandemic slowed down the development processes for new games and resulted in a cross-industry chip shortage. The result: Sony cannot produce enough PS5 consoles to meet the high demand.

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