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– Big game studio conducts ‘Black Clover Mobile’ focus group test with around 100 people

Big Game Studios (VIC game Studios, CEO Jae-young Choi) is planning to conduct the FGT (Focus Group Test) of ‘Black Clover Mobile (tentative name)’ (hereinafter referred to as Black Clover Mobile), which is under development with a target of release in 2022, with a scale of around 100 people next month. announced today (12th).

FGT is an official cafe ( will receive applications and select candidates through lottery.

Big Game Studio gathered a lot of attention last month when it released information about ‘Black Clover Mobile’ through a house opening ceremony. ‘Black Clover Mobile’ is a collectible RPG genre that collects and nurtures various characters. Playable characters that excellently express beautiful illustrations and original animations, as well as cute SD characters, Grimore (Swordsman), and Magic Knights, etc. It is full of elements to enjoy.

In this FGT, an in-depth test will be conducted on the initial impact and game characteristics of the ‘Black Clover Mobile’ game through testers, and the collected data will further enhance the game’s completeness.

On the other hand, Big Game Studio, which developed ‘Black Clover Mobile’, was established by CEO Jae-Young Choi in October 2020. It currently has over 130 employees and aims to “make a game that moves beyond a fun game” threw a vote to enter the mobile game market with

More detailed news about the FGT of ‘Black Clover Mobile’ can be found through the official community.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]