Buy PS5: It looks good at Media Markt and Saturn!

One Playstation 5 to buy, is still quite difficult in the second calendar week of 2022. So far, relatively little has happened at German retailers in this regard. It doesn’t matter whether it is brick-and-mortar retail or online retailing when you have one Buy PS5 want. Still there is a glimmer of hope.

Drops at Media Markt and Saturn?

Rumors persist that it will be the first PS5 drop of the year in the foreseeable future Media Markt and Saturn could give. There are no specific indications or even evidence for this. However, the last drop at these retailers was almost a month ago and dates from shortly before Christmas 2021.

So it would be time for another replenishment delivery. There may be a new pre-order promotion in the branches of soon Media Markt and Saturn.

Keep an eye on other dealers

That being said, it is generally advisable to keep your eyes open anywhere around a PS5 (buy now 949.00 €) to be able to buy. Above all Amazon Germany, Otto & Co. are always worth a closer look. There is also currently a special campaign at eBay, where you can win a PS5, including other PS5 accessories in the package.

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Other PS5 dealers

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