Buying an e-car: This is the most important reason not to switch

E-cars are seen as the future of (private) mobility, industry, politics and many consumers all agree. In addition to many reasons for switching to an emission-free car, there are also some arguments against it for potential buyers. There is one reason that particularly deters German customers.

More and more German drivers are switching from cars with internal combustion engines to electric drives. This is also shown by the registration figures in recent years, in which e-cars make up a steadily growing share. But still there is Consumers who cannot get by.

Don’t buy an e-car: the price, charging time and few charging stations speak against it

According to a survey, the high price stands in the way. In the five largest sales markets in Europe (EU-5: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain), the participants named the high purchase price with 23 percent is the most common reasonnot to choose an electric car (source: YouGov).

For German consumers, however, the situation is different: they share 30 percent each lack of availability of charging stations as well as the long compared to refueling Charging time the first place. But the price also plays an important role for 27 percent, the service life of the battery still plays an important role for more than a fifth (21 percent of those surveyed). However, the range is apparently relatively unimportant. Only eight percent shy away from a short range with a fully charged battery.

Despite fears pulling in the EU-5 markets 24 percent of respondents are considering switching to electric cars. Hybrids are an option for 43 percent. Because there are also clear reasons for the change.

Environmental protection and tax advantages speak in favor of electric cars

According to YouGov, the most important reason for buying in the five EU countries is environmental protection with 61 percent. However, play for potential German customers low operating costs, for example through control or maintenance, an equally important role. Both motivations come to 42 percent in this country. The lower consumption costs, for example for charging current, on the other hand, come into play at 26 percent with fewer interested parties.

You should clear up these mistakes before switching:

This is also important for e-car buyers Future security. The fact that petrol and diesel will disappear from the streets speaks for 38 percent of the participants in favor of switching to electric cars. At 22 percent, the low volume of electric cars plays a smaller role in Germany. The survey was directed at the “household decision maker” when buying a new car, multiple answers were possible.