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[기사 본문]

– Authentic oriental mobile MMORPG, ‘Snow Eye’, a system that requires sophisticated control

– Exceeded 700,000 pre-orders, 100% of pre-ordered in-game items such as ‘silver coins’

– Launch commemorative events such as game download and official cafe congratulatory comment verification

City Labs (CEO Young-joong Cho) announced on the 12th that it has officially launched the new mobile MMORPG ‘Taego M’ developed by Gaia Mobile and serviced by Google Play, Apple App Store, One Store, and Galaxy Store.

‘Primordial M’ is a 3D mobile game set in an oriental fantasy worldview. It has an exciting storyline in which six races, including humans, ghosts, ghosts, gods, shamans, and demons, fight fiercely for power.

Users can choose from a total of four occupations: swordsman, wizard, magician, and spearman.

In addition, as of the 11th, the number of pre-registrations exceeded 700,000 as of the 11th, as the school system with various rules, such as being divided by season and level or requiring sophisticated control, was well-received.

An event will be held to commemorate this official release. Just by logging in to the game first, you can receive a summoning ghost amulet, silver coin, dyeing hwanchaeyang, black tiger package icon and picture frame as a reward for achieving pre-orders.

In addition, if you download the game and share it on social media, you will receive an iPhone 13, Logitech wireless gaming keyboard, and Shinsegae gift certificate through a lottery.

In addition, if you post a congratulatory comment on the official service in the official cafe, all participants will receive an in-game item ‘Blue Dragon Crystal’, and if they have achieved level 60, they will be provided with a ‘General Treasure Map’.

In addition, various events such as job training strategy events and official community favorite authentication events are in progress.

More details can be found through the official cafe.

Download ‘Taego M’ on Google Play

Download ‘Taego M’ from the Apple App Store

‘Taego M’ One Store Download

Download ‘Taego M’ from Galaxy Store

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]