CookApps recorded 52.9 billion won in sales and 17.3 billion won in operating profit in 2021 on a consolidated basis. Achieved the highest performance ever” | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– CookApps achieves record-high performance in 2021 consolidated sales of 52.9 billion won and operating profit of 17.3 billion won

– Increased overall sales and operating profit due to increased sales of new mobile games such as ‘Today’s Dungeon’ and ‘Sunny House’

– Full-fledged recruitment of 100 people in the first half of 22nd for the launch of various lineups and development of AAA-level projects

CookApps (CEO Park Seong-min), a global casual game developer, announced that it recorded 52.9 billion won in sales and 17.3 billion won in operating profit as a result of synthesizing its consolidated performance in 2021. It was officially announced today.

CookApps has recorded an average sales growth rate of 80% since its establishment in the 11th year of its establishment, and focused on this growth thanks to its global launch last year. In particular, it has grown 300% in just 2 years from a ‘small but strong company’ with sales of 18 billion won in 2019, positioning itself as a sales volume comparable to that of a ‘mid-sized company’.

Operating profit also naturally reached an annual maximum. While it was only 2.9 billion won in 2019, it recorded 13.3 billion won in 20 years and 17.3 billion won in 21 Taken together, it is possible to enter the top 20 in the overall game industry in 21st, and in view of recent growth, it is possible to grow more than 80 billion won in sales in 22nd.

The factors related to CookApps’ earnings increase are the rapid rise in new game sales along with the growth of the global casual game market due to the corona virus. It was difficult to enter the mature mobile game market as a puzzle game for the Facebook platform, which was CookApps’ main game. He added that this performance was accompanied by good performance in the North American market.

‘Sunny House’, which was released in June of last year, has over 1 million downloads and 600,000 monthly users, gaining great popularity among global users. In addition, the idle RPG ‘Today Dungeon’, released in May, has reversed the Google Play Store popularity ranking since last October, and has been the main source of revenue for the company, drawing more than $100,000 in daily sales despite a relatively small casual game. Growing.

CookApps plans to introduce various new games in 2022 as well. Starting with the idle RPG ‘Taled Demon Slayer’, which is currently in domestic pre-order service and well received in the North American market, various new projects such as puzzles and merges are expected to be released. Based on accumulated know-how, AAA-class casual games We plan to focus on development and achievement.

A CookApps official said, “We have experimented with more than 100 games since 19 to enter the mobile game market. In 22, the goal is to produce an AAA game that will bring a fresh impact to the market within the year by raising the quality of the game rather than the experiment. Just as it caused a repercussion in the industry, we will make full-fledged investments for the growth of internal members, such as graduate school and MBA tuition support for more than one year of service, so that the same growth can continue in 2022.”

Meanwhile, the company plans to disclose the overall IR and audit report-related data, such as the consolidated financial statements recorded this time, the business status and business plan for 2021, through the Financial Supervisory Service’s Electronic Disclosure System (DART) around April.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]