Embracer is growing into a corporation, and that poses dangers for us gamers

In addition to video games such as Elex 2, Biomutant, Deep Rock Galactic (since August 2021) and the KotOR remake, board games and comics are now also part of the Embracer family.

Embracer is now bigger than Activision-Blizzard or Electronic Arts, at least in terms of workforce size. More than 11,000 people work for the Swedish parent group of THQ Nordic, Koch Media, Gearbox and a total of almost 100 developer studios. If the planned takeover of the French board game publisher Asmodée works, there will be over 12,000 – Activision-Blizzard and EA each come to around 10,000.

In general: Asmodée. Embracer wants to spend 2.75 billion euros on taking over the world’s largest board game publisher. At the same time, the Swedes are branching out into other media beyond gaming. In December 2021, they swallowed the US comic publisher Dark Horse, which also oversees film and series projects such as The Umbrella Academy (Netflix). Another new addition to the Embracer family is the Berlin streaming provider Spotfilm Networx, which also operates the YouTube channel Netzkino operates.

Embracer continues to grow, a media group emerges almost unnoticed in Northern Europe. What do they want to achieve – and when is the Gothic board game coming? We discuss this and more in the podcast.

Missed episode? All podcast episodes at a glance

It is already the second podcast that we record via Embracer – the last time we looked at Sweden after the Gearbox takeover. If you haven’t heard episode 1, you should catch up on it first.

And as Embracer grows, so does our analysis team. This time Micha speaks to two guests:

  • Human Nagafi is a management consultant at 1789 Innovations, Podcaster at Corporate Therapy and always ready to talk about Embracer.
  • Manuel Fritsch you know as a GameStar author and from Insert Moin, As a board game expert, he is also on the »Game of the Year« jury and has a lot to say about Asmodée (and other takeovers).

Our discussion raises hopes, but also fears. One of the latter is that Embracer is becoming more and more seduced by modern gaming. After all, service and mobile games bring a lot of money …

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